Your Assistive Technology Partner

What We Do

URATech is an innovation centre for your assistive technology needs.

We develop cutting-edge assistive technology solutions for people's unique needs.

We also offer R&D services to partner organisations for hi-tech prototype and product development.

We share our know-how and experience in robotics, computer vision, machine learning, AI, and mechatronics with our partners.

We collaborate with startups to support their efforts to help people live better through cutting-edge assistive technologies.

We deliver cutting-edge assistive technologies to help people through tough times.

Check out our facial gesture recognition system that helps people with Motor Neuron Disorders (MND) to ask for assistance.

Mission Statement

URATech is committed to listening to people with disabilities and their caregivers to understand their problems.

We aim to provide customised assistive technology solutions tailored to their specific needs by utilising cutting-edge machine learning, AI, robotics, mechatronics and electronics technologies.

Vision Statement

To develop cutting-edge technologies that benefit people with disabilities and their caregivers by providing affordable, customised/tailored assistive technology solutions.


We respect our customer's privacy.

We aim to have a positive impact on our customer's life.

At URATech, we gauge our success by the happiness, warmth, and sparkle in our users' eyes and expressions.

We strongly encourage innovation to address niche, hard-to-solve problems in the assistive technology domain.

We collaborate with our customers and business partners to meet the real needs of our end-users.

We offer a research and development environment to foster strong collaboration to provide solutions.


To listen and understand.

To deliver assistive technology solutions that work.

To make high-tech assistive technology solutions affordable across national boundaries.

To gain new friends not only new customers.

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